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Breathe Airway

A Private Medical Practice in Meridian, ID

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Breathe Airway
A Private Medical Practice in Meridian, ID
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Breathe Airway
A Private Medical Practice in Meridian, ID

About breathe airway

Breathe Airway is a premier private medical practice in Meridian, Idaho, specializing in treating breathing disorders and the underlying causes. Chelsie Todd, DMD, and her exceptional team of doctors and myotherapists are leading experts in this field.

The practice is affiliated with the Breathe Institute and has established relationships in the community with additional providers.

The Breathe Airway team focuses on precise diagnoses and comprehensive treatments of nasal obstruction, obstructive sleep apnea, headaches, snoring, breathing disorders, tongue-ties, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, and more. 

They use a multidisciplinary approach that’s at the forefront of airway management. Breathe Airway uses advanced standards of care through exceptional clinical education programs, pathfinding research endeavors, and superior patient care.

The Breathe Airway team specializes in not only sleep assessments, but also myofunctional therapy, CO2 laser technology, custom-fitted oral appliances, and airway pressure devices.. They also offer convenient at-home sleep studies.

Breathe Airway providers enjoy helping people sleep and breathe easier, which can dramatically improve their quality of life. They compassionately welcome patients to the practice and look forward to caring for them.

To schedule an appointment at Breathe Airway, call the office or use the online booking feature today.


We are affiliated with The Breathe Institute. 
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Patients reviews

My husband and I brought our newborn in to Dr. Todd for a tongue tie procedure. It was quick and easy and went really well! We feel like the staff genuinely cared for the well being of our little one and they were fantastic to work with on follow up visits. Would recommend!

KARI ANOOSHIAN | Sep 12, 2022

Dr. Todd was able to get our child seen and treated in a timely manner. She was very thorough and informative; additionally, she communicated with our other therapies ensuring continuity of care. Highly recommend!

David Leaman | Sep 11, 2022

My son received a lip and tongue tie release. Dr. Todd and Chelsie were so comforting and fun to be around. After meeting them, I immediately felt so at ease. They were very thorough with explaining the release process, as well as aftercare and what to expect for the coming weeks. My sons release went great and has been in great spirits since! I would highly recommend Breath Airway!

Raquel Martin | Sep 07, 2022

A great place with a great team. If you have airway issues, a tongue tie, sleep apnea...this is the place for you. Knowledgeable staff with cutting edge technology.

John McRae | Aug 24, 2022

Dr. Chelsie Todd was absolutely fantastic we saw her and got a second opinion because we knew our daughter tongue and lip tie needed fixed. Chelsea her assistant was also amazing. They are very caring and compassionate and got us in very quickly. They communicate very well and are willing to see you as much as you need. That is very comforting as a mom. The surgery with the laser was very fast and they did it in the same appt. I would recommend them to everyone.

Tiara K. | Aug 19, 2022

I was not able to come to the surgery performed on my son this morning, but when my wife called me with a crying baby I called the office to find out some information about how to possibly remedy the situation. I was answered by someone at the front desk who wasn’t able to answer my questions but was able to tell me the things she’d do to make sure I got in touch with the person I needed to. I left the initial phone call feeling like I was being taken care of. As soon as Chelsea was able to get back to me she called and expressed her empathy for the situation. I explained more about what was going on and was told not only real world remedies but also the real world situation. I appreciated the sincerity and concern but also the truth of the situation. My wife said she’d do the procedure a million times over and my son is better off for the rest of his life thanks to the people who work here. Thank you so much for your help and support.

Austin C. | Aug 18, 2022

Chelsea was such a comfort throughout the entire tongue and lip release we had done for our son. She made me feel seen and comforted my baby like he was her own when I couldn’t be with him for the procedure. We need more people like Chelsea who reassure us that we are making the best decisions for our children's life when it comes to the decisions like this. I’m so very thankful for her!

Marne C. | Aug 18, 2022

Dr. Todd made this entire experience bearable. My three week old had a tongue and lip tie that needed released and she did an incredible job. She eased my nerves while making sure I knew exactly what was going to happen pre and post release for my baby. Breastfeeding was immediately pain free, and I am confident knowing I did the best thing for my kid with the best possible doctor. Endless gratitude.

Marne C. | Aug 18, 2022